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Become A DIVINE TRIBE 100 Founding Member

We’ve been working on something paradigm shifting and very exciting… DT 100 Members’ Club

This members club is for individuals who want to achieve incredible things and build successful habits relating to mind body and soul & also attain the tools to create and sustain finical abundance while creating generational wealth. Being “Woke” can be lonely, challenging , and overwhelming and frustrating, which is why we created the Divine Tribe 100 members area so you can be around a tight-knit community of reflections who see you and who love you and will support and promote your growth and will provide inspiration and accountability to each other.

Each month you will get a bundle of love to assist you in tasing and maintaining your vibration – Exclusive content to really help you with your goals and manifestations on your journey to divine ascension. Some of the topics will include:

– Programming your mind for success
– How to create finical abundance and create a sustainable financial plan that works
– How to identify which charkras are out of balance
– How to communicate from the heart chakra
– + much more.

Each month we will send you challenges to get involved with that and exciting workbooks , and etc has the absolute potential to shift your paradigm and raise your vibration

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