Divine Tribe is shifting the paradigm by reverse-engineering the status quo. We will secede from a capitalist society by using our own collective unity as the vehicle to cultivate and integrate autonomous daily habits into a lifestyle that paves the path for sovereignty.


Fireside Chat: A conversation starter intended to find resolutions regarding the divine masculine & feminine energies within our community, by addressing family welfare on a mental, physical & spiritual level.

Community Clean-up: Appreciating our community by cleaning up the trash and assisting those who live there (including those without homes).

Farming & Agriculture: Growing vegetation to sustain Divine Tribe while partnering with local gardens to create a cash crop system for the community.

Survival & Combative Training: Preparing Divine Tribe, and the community, to protect and sustain themselves through firearm training, self-defense training, foraging, & bushcraft.

Youth Development: Mentoring melanated youth to excel in their potential through creative arts, scientific engineering, wellness programs, and physical activities.

Health and Wellness: Encouraging alignment with the Divine Spirit through regular cleansing, exercise, and mental awareness.

Elderly Assistance: A platform created to assist our elders with basic sustainability so they may flourish in supporting our upcoming generations.

Financial Literacy: Classes and workshops to promote generational wealth and financial freedom.

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