About Divine Tribe

Educate, Elevate, And Empower

Creating Community Through Humanity
Divine Tribe is a non-profit organization geared toward nation building and community advocacy. Our goal is to expedite collective healing by creating sustainable communes that facilitate melanated being’s divine design to thrive. With solution based guidance, led by Divine Spirit at the center of our endeavors, we aim to educate, elevate, and empower all those within our reach.

DivineTribe.world is our community site for all Divine Tribe members to connect, learn, & grow together while on their divine journey.

Founder & CEO Of Divine Tribe INC

Sabrina R. Williams

Our founder and CEO, Sabrina “Happy Dancing River Dragon” Williams, is a serial entrepreneur who received the divine download to begin Divine Tribe in 2014. She began bringing like-minded individuals together and building her relationship with Divine Spirit. In late 2018, Sabrina received another download to initiate an annual celebration of awareness of all shapes and sizes, called “WokeFest,” to celebrate the divine transition into consciousness. This festival would become Divine Tribe’s flagship event and gathering. The first Wokefest occured in October of 2019, and fourteen days later, ‘The Divine Tribe 100 Initiative’ was born. This initiative has been leading the way to find more like-minded individuals who would like to participate to begin the process or who are already in the process of becoming sovereign beings. Divine Tribe’s governance is based on the direct message of Divine Spirit to her, which will provide freedom and abundance to melanated beings worldwide when executed accurately

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